The people in my life that have made a mark on my life, making me what I am today.

MOM and DAD (with Baby Jerry Wayne Jr.)

Robert H. and Bessie Daugherty, influenced me the most. They were the kindest people on this earth. God blessed me with them as parents. They are now gone but the memory lives on. Charles A. Daugherty my half brother. Durham and Robert Yates Cousins from around Howell Valley, Ky. Cliff and Maxine Nunn around Three Springs, Kentucky. My Uncle Buck and Aunt Alice Weppler from Louisville, KY. They are all gone but not forgotten. The first Sunday School teacher from Three Springs, Ky at the age of four.

Names but no pictures, Leon Stiller, Charlie Kiefer, Alvin Brown, Morris Thomas all from southern Indiana around 13 years of age. My first girlfriend Mary Pryor.

A young Jerry Daugherty

This is the one room school I attended in Navilleton, Indiana in 1956


My First Wife Carolyn Glock (deceased)

Three generations of Daugherty's

L - R rear Wayne (son), Me, Dad (Robert)

Front Robbie, Michelle


I was in the Air Force 1963 - 1972, I remember the above picture with the captioned from SAC


My niece and nephew, Lisa and Charlie



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Charles A. Daugherty and the Scratchboard Steamboats?

June 15th, 2011

J.M White By Charles A. Daugherty - 1970

J.M White By Charles A. Daugherty - 1970

So a friend handed me these four drawings of steamboats that he had discovered in a box in his garage, they had been in the box in his garage and not seen the light of day for over fifteen years he says. Looking over the Internet to find some information about the artist proved futile until, quite by chance I emailed the owner of after reading his ‘people’ page. The mention of Charles A. Daugherty was enough for me to fire off an email, on a hunch. Most of the hunch was based on the name mentioned and the general area of Kentucky these good folks rooted from, specifically Howell Valley, Three Springs and Louisville.

I was searching the net for an artist names Charles A. Daugherty who did steamboat paddle wheelers in the 1970′s. From reading your site I learned you have a half brother of that name, possibly from southern Indiana. The four drawings were acquired in Madison IN, and I’m trying to find any info on this artist named Charles A. Daugherty. So far the net has yielded nothing.

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Morning Star By Charles A. Daugherty - 1970

Morning Star By Charles A. Daugherty - 1970

I was pleasantly surprised to say the  least when this email found my inbox just a day later! Certainly didn’t expect any answer let alone a positive ‘hit’.  :-)

Hi Bob,
Yes that is the work of my half brother, he did several paddle wheel drawings for several of the banks in Louisville in the 60′s.
I will forward this also to his son (my nephew) Charles P. Daugherty and if he will contact you he can answer many of the questions you may have!

A few more days pass and then the artists son sends along this historical information about them. Amazing what one can find out!

Charles A. Daugherty was my father. He taught architectural drafting in Louisville, also taught at Fort Knox and called himself a “jack of all trades and a master of none”.  The riverboat artwork was based on old photographs that were on lone from the Howard Steamboat Museum in Jeffersonville IN. Ironically while the photos were in dad’s posession there was a fire at the museum so these one of a kind bits of history were saved from being lost for good!  Each picture is of an actual boat as depicted in the photos.  I remember that style of ink line drawing was very time consuming and each one took days or weeks. I don’t remember how many drawings he did in all. I have three and I think the “Donora” was my favorite, it may have been the first one and I like stern wheelers. Charlie

Donora By Charles A. Daugherty - 1970

Donora By Charles A. Daugherty - 1970

Now the scans of these pictured do them absolutely no justice at all. They are very ‘crisp’ and the India ink is very black, unlike the pictures here. On close inspection the artwork is on a very heavy paper board and the signature at least appear to be originals signed in lead pencil. The pictures themselves do not appear to be originals (however with a authentic signature and no numbering, makes me wonder) as I’m thinking they are ink art done with the scratchboard technique. They may not be scratchboard at all and maybe someone will drop by and shed some light on the actual process of these great works of art.

Indiana By Charles A. Daugherty - 1970

Indiana By Charles A. Daugherty - 1970


You can get a better view and feel for these works in the photo galley using full screen mode and slide sh