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Some of you know I am ordained by the Full Gospel Churches International, their presence on the web can be found at: Full Gospel Churches Int'l

Also the Indiana Full Gospel Churches Int'l can be found at: Indiana Full Gospel Churches Int'l

Jesus said I am the Way, The Truth, and the Life. My friend if you happened here by chance today and don't know him, I ask you to read and believe the Bible, starting with the book of John. I pray that you do.



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Pathway to Heaven




Today, in churches every where, you will find the antichrist at work.  This is a false Christ.  Today as alarming as it is, people praise and shout AMEN to a false gospel.  What has gone wrong?  Nothing!  Jesus said it would happen.  What is alarming, is the number of people that are falling for it hook line and sinker.

 How can you protect yourself from these false teachers, prophets?

Learn the bible, rightly divide the Word of God, if a so called man of God, teaches anything other than what is in the bible, FLEE!  If there is no scriptural basis for it, then it is not from God.  If you find what I just said offensive, then something is wrong in your life, perhaps you have set under some false teaching, and this is an auto defense mechanism triggered to protect that false teaching.


Jesus is the only one sent from God to pay a price that only He could pay for your soul. Yet, He allows you the right to make the decision to accept or to reject Him. TALK ABOUT PRO-CHOICE! He loves you, and He proved it in the ultimate way.


The very least you can do is give Him a chance in your life.

Learn what it is all about, e-mail me if you will


REV. Jerry Daugherty

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I want to thank you for the prayers, as I recover from a 5 bypass surgery. I am back to work and thank God that I am still on the GREEN side of grass.

It has been five years and I am still going strong! 2012