Boy have we come a long way, and the good old days were nice but not as nice as today or tomorrow.
Pictures of my first Ham Station equipment.  A Hammarlund HQ-100 and a Heathkit DX-40.



I had a long (random) wire antenna about 125' long.   I talked to stations in all 50 states and several hams in South America.   My Novice call was KN9PFV the year was 1958.  I worked 80, 40, 15, and 2 meters as a novice.  When I upgraded and moved to Louisville my call changed to W4RXU in 1960.  It was at this time the 6 meter bug hit me, I haven't gotten rid of it yet. Shortly after a move back to Indiana I became W9FTI.  In 1964 I was in the United States Air Force and stationed in Germany and became DL5GI.  The phonetics I used for GI was Government Issue. Neat call for a GI....HUH?!.

At the present time I operate mostly 6 Meters SSB & CW. You may however find me on any band from 160 Meters to 70 cm. (SSB, CW, FM and AM) My equipment is a Icom IC756Pro2 for 160 Mtrs to 6Mtrs and IC-746. In use I have a modified ETO 1000 Watt  Amp for 6, a RFC 2-315 170 Watt for 2 mtr with a DEM 2 meter transverter and a RFC 4-310 for 70 cm., the preamps really helps alot.  Along with a 5 el beam on 6 I do very good on six. On 144MHz I use a 13 El beam, both antennas are 40'+.

I run 6mtrs mobile with a IC706MKII, I do use this radio on the other bands as well. I use a Yaesu ATAS-100 mobile screwdriver style antenna on HF-6 meters. A 5/8 on 2m for FM. I can work mostly 40 and 6 mobile. Having got my Hawaii QSL card, I have worked all states at one time or another on 6 meters..

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I would like you to meet my son, Jerry Wayne Daugherty Jr., W4RXU, nice call, in 1960 I became W4RXU, now 2001 my son has the call. (chip off the old block!)

You can email him at Email W4RXU


I have had the calls KN9PFV, K9PFV, W4RXU, DL5GI, W9FTI and the call I have now is W9FS.